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Back in Action January 25, 2005 After much technical trauma, the Purpletech web site is back. Many apologies for the downtime.

Eclipse is Bizarro IDEA November 19, 2002 A little rant in my SourceForge Diary about my early experiences with Eclipse. I've since had more experience with it, so I'm a little more fluent, but IDEA's UI still blows Eclipse away.

Refactoring Happy Hour January 29, 2003 An open workshop on Refactoring in Java, with drinks!

Speed up Java startup time December 12, 2002 After all these years, Java still takes a loooooooong time to launch. If perl can launch in less than a half a second then there's no reason Java can't. This factor is IMHO the single most important reason why people still think Java is slow. Come vote for this bug so Sun takes action!

Purple Wins M&Ms Contest October 23, 2002 OK, I'm a little late on this one, but due in no small part to concerted ballot-box stuffing by fans and clients of Purple Technology, the M&Ms New Color Contest was won by our favorite hue.

PMD: A fun open-source tool October 8, 2002 PMD scans your Java source code and points out mistakes like unreferenced variables or really long methods. CPD (a related tool, soon to be integrated) finds all the places with identical code: ripe for Extract Method refactoring.

Update: Bootstrap Diary August 14, 2002 Another posting about Refactoring.

Update: Bootstrap Diary August 6, 2002 A fairly long posting about Refactoring. (Scroll down to the bottom to read it -- it's still just a text file.)

Update: XP Links August 6, 2002 I've been slowly adding links to my XP Info page.

Polonius Alpha Release August 1, 2002 The Bootstrap Project has been working on the Polonius project for the past 6 months or so. We recently implemented backups, so we're comfortable sharing the URL. Please feel free to poke around, and if you actually want to use it or anything, then hey! Be our guest.

XPath Explorer Released on SourceForge July 9, 2002 I moved XPE to SourceForge and just made a release. Check the site for details.

Site Reorg May 14, 2002 I reorganized the site navigation, and added a Google search box. Hopefully you'll find what you're looking for more easily now.

XPath Explorer Mar 20, 2002 XPath is a syntax for navigating inside XML documents, in order to extract specific little pieces of content. XPath Explorer is a GUI application that lets you interactively experiment with XPath.

Another JUnit Patch Mar 23, 2002 This JUnit Patch does away with the need for the silly " public MyTest(String name) { super(name); } " constructor. I just wrote it, so there may be some cases it fails on, but none come to mind -- if you find any, let me know.

Building With Ant - Part 2 Mar 22, 2002 Part two of my article on Building With Ant published at Developer.com.

Building With Ant Mar 12, 2002 My article on Building With Ant published at Developer.com. (Parts 2 and 3 available in draft form on this site.)

Oops! JUnit Patch Mar 12, 2002 My JUnit Patch - making assertEquals(String, String) a little more legible -- Now with a non-bogus JAR download (sorry about that)

Extreme Programming March 1, 2002 I've been getting into eXtreme Programming (XP) lately. Here's a page with some of my favorite links on the subject, including the Bootstrap Group that's meeting in San Francisco twice a week to program as eXremely as we can.

Bugs Fixed Feb 15, 2002 Fixed a couple of embarrassing bugs in the Purple Code Libraries (specifically in Utils.htmlunescape and Utils.abbreviate). Also added a function to escape JavaScript strings (in case you're printing out JavaScript from your servlets).

IRV Poll Webapp Jan 17, 2002 I've written and launched an Online Poll web application that implements the Instant Runoff Voting algorithm. You can very easily install a poll on your own site. Full source code is available.

New Purpletech Site (alex@stinky.com) November 1, 2000 A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I launched my new, JSP/XML/JDOM-driven web site. (You're soaking in it.) Please send comments to me. Source code for the site is available for download.

com.purpletech code January 4, 2000 The com.purpletech source code libraries are now online. Use them, abuse them, it's all Open Source.

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